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What is Expected of Practitioners?


These are the general skills and approaches expected of practitioners when employing AF-CBT techniques

In implementing AF-CBT, practitioners are expected to:

  • Develop a strong therapeutic relationship. This is a critical element of the AF-CBT model
  • Incorporate the unique needs and characteristics of each child, parent, and family into each topic and skill presented
  • Enlist the client as a full partner in setting treatment goals
  • Apply AF-CBT flexibly to permit individualized clinical adaptations
  • Adapt the duration of AF-CBT treatment to meet families’ needs
  • Address crises that arise during treatment, while maintaining an appropriate focus on children’s abuse-related symptoms
  • Integrate AF-CBT into other long-term treatments for children who have been abused
  • Consider applying AF-CBT techniques and concepts to target the problems of unsupportive, overwhelmed and multi-problem families

When preparing for a session using AF-CBT techniques, practitioners typically:

  1. Determine the session topic
  2. Read over the few pages in the Session Guide for the chosen topic
  3. Copy any Supplemental Handouts that are appropriate

During an AF-CBT session, practitioners typically:

  1. Build on existing client relationships
  2. Keep in mind long-term goals while addressing weekly crises
  3. Work in partnership with the client
  4. When helpful, provide clients with worksheets or handouts
  5. Determine with the clients what work the clients can do in between sessions to strengthen their targeted skills

General Criteria for AF-CBT Training Completion:

Mental health professionals who complete the AF-CBT training may be eligible to begin the certification process in AF-CBT if they meet the criteria listed below:

  1. Complete pre-training and post-training assessments provided by the trainer. The pre-training assessment must be completed before the beginning of the first day of the basic training session.
  2. Participate in all scheduled launch or preparation/readiness activities
  3. Attend all scheduled training days of the basic training program
  4. Deliver treatment including content from all 3 phases of the AF-CBT model to at least 2 families.
  5. Participate in all consultation calls to receive feedback from consultants to supplement supervision and enhance ability to adapt materials. Trainees participating in less than 75% of consultation calls are not eligible for training completion.
  6. Present on 2 different cases during consultation period
  7. Submit 2 audio-recorded samples of treatment using AF-CBT to obtain initial clinical and implementation feedback during a consultation call.

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