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Criteria for Certification

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During The One-Year Training Program

  1. Complete the pre-training online assessment:
  2. Participate in all scheduled training days
  3. Participate in 75% of all consultations
  4. Present on 2 different cases during consultation
  5. Submit audio files for 2 cases during consultation to obtain initial clinical and implementation feedback during a call. It is preferable, but not required, to submit files on the cases that you plan to submit during consultation.
  6. Submit at least 2 audio files for fidelity review and achieve >/=80% fidelity per tape.
  7. General Procedures:
    Fidelity tapes may be submitted after the first six months of consultation. Clinicians wanting a tape to be reviewed for fidelity during the consultation phase should make this request in writing.
    Integrity/fidelity judgments reflecting the quantity and quality of the content will be established by the trainer/consultant through audio review and completion of an adherence checklist.
    If either tape is rated <80%, there is a “second chance” option to submit up to 2 more tapes.
    Audio file content requirements:
    It is preferable to submit files on the cases presented during consultation, but not required.
    The content to be rated must be based on any two roman numeral sections in the AF-CBT session guide (3rd ed.; 2011) from topics 2 through 16, EXCEPT that we will not rate section I in these topics: 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. It is permissible, however, to include the latter information on the tape.
    The files need to be from 2 different phases of treatment.
    The files can both be from the same family.
    One file needs to be the caregiver alone; the other can be the child alone or a family session.
    There is not a minimum time for submitting the recording.
    Provide the requested descriptive details about each file using the Fidelity Review Checklist.


    After The One-Year Training Period is Complete

  8. If not already done, you can submit audio files for fidelity review per the guidelines noted in #6 above.
  9. Complete the post-training online assessment:
  10. Achieve a score of at least 80% on the AF-CBT knowledge questionnaire (score >= 80%)
  11. Complete 2 AF-CBT cases and submit case completion verification forms:
  12. A completed case is one which includes content from all 3 phases and the content of each topic that was implemented was fully covered.
    For each case, complete an AF-CBT Case Completion Checklist that includes the sections and tasks administered for each topic. For topics/content not completed, note the reason for non-completion. Raters will consider these reasons in determining whether a case will be considered complete.
    Each case must include at least 1 outcome standardized measure at intake and discharge.


A certification document (good for 5 years) is provided upon meeting all of these requirements.

Calendar of Events


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MAR 5-6, 2015

AFP training, Illinois 2nd Circuit Court, Mt. Vernon, IL.


MAR 25, 2015

Advanced AF-CBT training, Harborview Center, Seattle, WA.


APR 9, 2015

AFP training, Family Works/New Hope, Indianapolis, IN.


APR 14, 2015

Dr. David Kolko will present a paper at the BAPSCAN Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland


APR 24, 2015

Dr. David Kolko presents an overview of AF-CBT. Spring Psych TLC Conference for MH Professionals, Little Rock, AR.


APR 29, 2015

Advanced AF-CBT training, Project Harmony, Omaha, NE.


MAY 18-20, 2015

Annual AF-CBT Spring Training, Pittsburgh, PA.