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Criteria for Certification



  1. Complete the pre-training online assessment:
  2. Participate in all scheduled training days
  3. Participate in 75% of all consultations
  4. Present on 2 different cases during consultation
  5. Submit audio files for 2 cases during consultation to obtain initial clinical and implementation feedback during a call. It is preferable, but not required, to submit files on the cases that you plan to submit during consultation.
  6. Submit at least 2 audio files for fidelity review and achieve >/=80% fidelity per tape.
  7. General Procedures:
    Fidelity tapes may be submitted after the first six months of consultation. Clinicians wanting a tape to be reviewed for fidelity during the consultation phase should make this request in writing.
    Integrity/fidelity judgments reflecting the quantity and quality of the content will be established by the trainer/consultant through audio review and completion of an adherence checklist.
    If either tape is rated <80%, there is a “second chance” option to submit up to 2 more tapes.
    Audio file content requirements:
    It is preferable to submit files on the cases presented during consultation, but not required.
    The content to be rated must be based on any two roman numeral sections in the AF-CBT session guide (3rd ed.; 2011) from topics 2 through 16, EXCEPT that we will not rate section I in these topics: 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. It is permissible, however, to include the latter information on the tape.
    The files need to be from 2 different phases of treatment.
    The files can both be from the same family.
    One file needs to be the caregiver alone; the other can be the child alone or a family session.
    There is not a minimum time for submitting the recording.
    Provide the requested descriptive details about each file using the Fidelity Review Checklist.



  8. If not already done, you can submit audio files for fidelity review per the guidelines noted in #6 above.
  9. Complete the post-training online assessment:
  10. Achieve a score of at least 80% on the AF-CBT knowledge questionnaire (score >= 80%)
  11. Complete 2 AF-CBT cases and submit case completion verification forms:
  12. A completed case is one which includes content from all 3 phases and the content of each topic that was implemented was fully covered.
    For each case, complete an AF-CBT Case Completion Checklist that includes the sections and tasks administered for each topic. For topics/content not completed, note the reason for non-completion. Raters will consider these reasons in determining whether a case will be considered complete.
    Each case must include at least 1 outcome standardized measure at intake and discharge.


A certification document (good for 5 years) is provided upon meeting all of these requirements.

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JAN 26-29, 2015

Dr. David Kolko will conduct 2 presentations in a two-part workshop at the 29th Annual San Diego International Conference on Child and Family Maltreatment
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