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The Hope of Family Focused Interventions for Child Physical Abuse

By admin - Posted on 09 November 2010

Follow the course of one family that no longer relies on physical discipline. As the family works with a trained clinician over the course of several months, they are able to achieve measurable results and determine alternatives to physical discipline. In addition to covering this family's story, this 20-minute informational video includes a review of several evidence-based treatments for child physical abuse. It includes interviews with leading clinicians in the field.

Calendar of Events


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MAR 5-6, 2015

AFP training, Illinois 2nd Circuit Court, Mt. Vernon, IL.


MAR 25, 2015

Advanced AF-CBT training, Harborview Center, Seattle, WA.


APR 9, 2015

AFP training, Family Works/New Hope, Indianapolis, IN.


APR 14, 2015

Dr. David Kolko will present a paper at the BAPSCAN Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland


APR 24, 2015

Dr. David Kolko presents an overview of AF-CBT. Spring Psych TLC Conference for MH Professionals, Little Rock, AR.


APR 29, 2015

Advanced AF-CBT training, Project Harmony, Omaha, NE.


MAY 18-20, 2015

Annual AF-CBT Spring Training, Pittsburgh, PA.