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AF-CBT Learning Community in Denver, CO
David Kolko recently conducted an Advanced Training workshop for clinicians and caseworkers that was co-led with colleagues from the Kempe Center (Monica Fitzgerald Evelin Gomez, Laura Eccles) and Denver Department of Human Services (Francis Agyakwa, Lynn Ford). Click to read more....
AF-CBT Included in Collaborative Behavioral Health Care Study
A study published this week in Pediatrics (2014, Vol. 133, pp. 981-992) documented several benefits to the integration of trained care managers in a pediatric practice on child, caregiver, and physician outcomes. Much of the content included materials that were adapted from AF-CBT.
NCTSN All Network Meeting
David Kolko recently attended the NCTSN’s All Network Meeting in Falls Church, VA. He participated in the networking fair with colleagues Judy Cohen and Tony Mannarino from Allegheny General Hospital. He also chaired a workshop session on “Engaging caregivers at risk for physical abuse: Strategies for overcoming challenging behavior” that included colleagues Esther Deblinger and Beverly Funderburk.
Los Angeles AF-CBT Training
Participants in this comprehensive AF-CBT training learned about the 3 Phases of AF-CBT (Engagement and Psychoeducation, Individual Skill-Building, and Family Applications). Click to read more....

Calendar of Events


MAY 19-21, 2014

Spring 2014 AF-CBT Training Pittsburgh, PA

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MAY 28-30, 2014

Smith Community Mental Health AF-CBT Training


JUNE 12, 2014

Upcoming workshop at the APSAC 22nd Annual Colloquium in New Orleans.

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OCT-NOV, 2014

Fall 2014 AF-CBT Training Pittsburgh, PA