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Online Assessment Scoring Tool

Online Assessment Scoring Tool for AF-CBT Family Measures

This allows you to input the value for each item and then automatically calculate the scores. It can also be used to administer one
or more of the measures to a parent or child, but the results must be printed out or a screenshot saved for each measure as it is
completed as the application does not save any of the results to maintain confidentiality. The following measures are included:

  • APQ
  • Brief CAP Inventory Form (B-CAP)
  • Child PTSD Symptom Scale
  • Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ)
  • APQ-SF

The APQ-SF is the APQ9 with the three corporal punishment items from the full version included. We encourage you to use the
APQ-SF as we will be gradually transitioning from the full 42 item version to this one. For the present, we will include both

We would appreciate any comments or suggestions
you might have on the Scoring Application.


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