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AF-CBT Certified Trainers

University of Pittsburgh Team

  • Barbara Baumann, PhD
  • David Kolko, PhD

Child HELP Partnership Team

  • Elissa Brown, PhD

Independent Trainers

  • Sarah Cleary, PhD
  • Ashley Fiore, MSW, LCSW
  • Monica Fitzgerald, PhD
  • Yasuko Hoshina, MA (保科 保子)
  • Mineko Inuzuka, MD, PhD (犬塚 峰子)
  • Dan Kleiner, PhD
  • Naomi Perry, MSW
  • Patrice Rotolo, LCSW
  • Komal Sharma-Patel, PhD
  • Meghan Shaver, MSW
  • Carole Swiecicki, PhD


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November 2023 Remote Training

Baumann, Kolko
Nov 28, 29, Dec 4, 5, 2023


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Alternatives for Professionals is designed for professionals who do not provide direct counseling services to families.


September 2023 Remote Training

Sep 11, 19


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