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If you would like to schedule a training session or join a training you saw in an advertisement or flyer:

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About Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

AF-CBT is provided by a number of trainers from institutions around the United States. While we provide CEUs for our local training sessions held in Pittsburgh, different trainers handle these things in their own ways. If you would like to find out whether CEUs are offered for the training session you are signing up for, it’s best to check with the trainer conducting the training session.

We do, however, offer free CEUs for completing our Orientation Course offered by the NCTSN

Training Options

There are four options for organizing or obtaining a training in AF-CBT:  costs can be obtained by sending a question via the website.

Agency On-site Training for a Group of Staff (Clinicians, Supervisors)

A national faculty member will conduct the training in your setting or community that is tailored to your program’s needs.  We encourage having a cohort of at least 12 trainees (up to 15) from one or more agencies to enrich the learning experience.  A trainer can also accommodate a larger group (price varies based on number of trainees, logistics, and other parameters discussed in advance). Interested administrators or managers may request a training by completing our training request form.

Training Program for an Individual Practitioner who Travels to a Designated Trainer Site

Most of these trainings have been conducted in Pittsburgh or Los Angeles. Descriptions and dates are posted in our website calendar. 

Training Program to Become an In-house Trainer in AF-CBT

Agency staff who are certified as a AF-CBT clinician can apply to become an AF-CBT in-house trainer.  This training program allows the trainer to conduct trainings in the agency for new staff with support from the national AF-CBT office. Please check here to find information about our in-house trainer program.

Agency Training Conducted by the Agency’s Certified In-house Trainer

Agency staff who are certified as an in-house trainer can conduct agency trainings in coordination with the national AF-CBT office.  There is a small cost per training participant to cover the cost of all training and treatment materials, web and data infrastructure maintenance to facilitate ongoing website access to all materials/updates, and technology assistance (e.g., uploading audio). Please check here to find information about our in-house trainer program.


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Calendar of Events




JAN 28-30, 2020

Starview Community Services

Compton, CA.








JAN 2, 2020

Hadassah Medical Organization, Ein Kerem Campus, Israel

Dr. Barbara Baumann will present on AF-CBT. Click here for more information.

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