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Our Team

David J. Kolko, PhD
Professor of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Pediatrics

Dr. Kolko is the senior developer of AF-CBT, and is involved in the dissemination, evaluation, and refinement of AF-CBT across the U.S., and internationally. His treatment research interests include the study and treatment of child abuse/family conflict, child behavior disorders, firesetting, and adolescent sexual offending, and the integration of behavioral health services in pediatric primary care and family health centers.


Barbara L. Baumann, PhD
Senior Trainer and Consultant

Dr. Baumann is the senior trainer for AF-CBT, and has conducted over 25 trainings so far. Her academic interests include the development of consultation and training models for community practitioners, th dissemination of evidence-based treatment to community settings, the cultural adaptation of child and family treatment, and adapting EBP for foster care.


Kevin Rumbarger, BA
Assistant Research Coordinator

Mr. Rumbarger is the Assistant Research Coordinator for Dr. Kolko's various programs. He provides administrative support to the trainers by drafting agreements, processing payments, and designing the visual media used to advertise and present AF-CBT to the public.


Jeff Rounds, BS
Research Systems Specialist

Mr. Rounds is the Research Systems Specialist for Dr. Kolko's programs. He maintains a variety of program websites and provides the data infrastructure necessary to track AF-CBT trainees' progress from training to certification.


Eunice Torres, MS
Program Coordinator

Ms. Torres is the Program Coordinator for Dr. Kolko's programs with advanced clinical training and experience in diagnostic assessment and in the treatment of child and adolescent sex offenders and other behavior problems as well as affective symptoms including ADHD, ODD, CD, Depression and Anxiety. Eunice is from Puerto Rico and is fully bilingual (Spanish/English). She provides a vital service by translating Spanish treatment audio submitted by trainees during their consultation period. She is also working with Sammie Walker, a Carnegie Mellon University undergraduate intern, to translate the AF-CBT session guide (parent topics) and handouts into Spanish.

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MAY 25-27, 2016

2016 Spring AF-CBT Training in Pittsburgh, PA.


JUNE 22-25, 2016

24th Annual APSAC Colloquium New Orleans, LA.

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