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Administrator Resources

Welcome to our administrator resources page. We know how critical it is to have ongoing leadership and agency support to help adopt and sustain an evidence-based treatment, like AF-CBT. So, we have designed this page to provide you with a range of resources to help you efficiently learn about its content, structure, evidence, screening, evaluation, and strategies to help you support the clinician(s) from your agency/program and reduce obstacles to its effective delivery. We encourage you to review these documents before a clinician is going to be trained in AF-CBT.


Background and Preparation Materials

Brief Description of AF-CBT

This document describes AF-CBT, appropriate clients with whom to use the model, and the endorsements AF-CBT has received from experts and federal agencies.

AF-CBT Training Model Overview

This document is a brief outline of the structure of the AF-CBT Training Model.

Learning Community Change Framework

This document outlines the challenges of implementing and sustaining AF-CBT in community practice settings.

Overview Slides

This PowerPoint presentation includes information on AF-CBT's parameters, various common challenges in implementing evidence-based treatments, and other pertinent information.


Screening and Assessment Tools

Screen for AF-CBT Family Eligibility

This document can be used to determine if a family meets the criteria for eligibility to be treated with AF-CBT.

Brief Summary of Scoring and Interpretation of Assessment and Outcome Measures for Use in AF-CBT

This document can be used as a convenient reference when needed.


Flyers and Forms

Fillable AF-CBT Trifold Brochure

This brochure is designed to inform prospective clients about AF-CBT and its benefits. It can be filled using most PDF viewers to include information about your agency.

Fillable AF-CBT Flyer for Families

This flyer is designed to make AF-CBT more visible to your various clients. It can be filled using most PDF viewers to include information about your agency.


Other Pertinent Resources

Foundations of AF-CBT

This 2.5-hour course provides an orientation to AF-CBT, introducing clinicians to the model. It also serves as a pre-requisite for more intensive basic training in AF-CBT. For those who are interested in continuing education and/or advancing to further training in AF-CBT, the course can be taken for continuing education credit.

Agency Metrics

This document helps staff to track the status of AF-CBT implementation at an agency by recording the number of AF-CBT recommendations, measures collected, current treatment status, and progress levels of clients.


List Your Agency on the AF-CBT Provider List

If you wish to be included on our list of providers, please complete our Provider List Request Form.


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