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Clinician Certification

Clinician Certification Guide

This document outlines the AF-CBT Clinician Certification process step-by-step with detailed instructions.

Clinician Certification Pathway

This document is a handy visual reminder of the AF-CBT certification process.

Criteria for Clinician Certification

To fill out Certification forms, login and select Certification under the Downloads tab.

(Updated January 24, 2023)

During The One-Year Training Program

  1. Complete the pre-training survey.
  2. Complete the Overview and Fundamentals course.
  3. Participate in all scheduled training days (Basic Training and Advanced Training).
  4. Participate in 75% (9/12) of monthly clinical consultation calls.
  5. Present on 2 cases during the consultation calls.
  6. Submit audio files for 2 cases during consultation to obtain initial clinical and implementation feedback.
  7. Complete the post-training survey.

After The One-Year Training Period is Complete

  1. Complete the clinician certification application.
  2. Pay the application fee online or by mail.
  3. Once the fee is received, a link to the AF-CBT Knowledge Questionnaire will be provided. Achieve a score of at least 80% on the AF-CBT Knowledge Questionnaire to pass. For those who score less than 80%, a second chance option will be provided.
  4. Submit a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 audio files of recorded treatment sessions for fidelity review. To count toward this requirement, an audio file must achieve >80% fidelity. A fee of $100 for fidelity review must be paid before a file can be submitted or reviewed.
    1. For complete instructions on how to submit your audio files, click here.
    2. After a file is submitted and reviewed, your trainer will send a confirmation e-mail with the score your file received. If at least 2 of your submitted files pass 80% fidelity, you will be able to continue the certification process. Each audio file submitted during the consultation period is also reviewed for fidelity for no additional cost. Further submitted audio will be reviewed for a fee of $100 per audio file. If you have submitted 4 files and fewer than 2 of your submitted files pass 80% fidelity, you will not be able to continue the certification process.
    3. For more information about our audio submission system, please click here.
  5. Complete 2 AF-CBT cases and submit case completion checklist forms, submitting them by e-mail or fax to the trainer:
    1. A completed case is one which includes content from all 3 phases and the content of each topic that was implemented was fully covered.
    2. For each case, complete an AF-CBT Case Completion Checklist that includes the sections and tasks administered for each topic. For topics/content not completed, note the reason for non-completion. Raters will consider these reasons in determining whether a case will be considered complete.
    3. Each case must include at least 1 outcome standardized measure at intake and discharge.
    4. A supervisor familiar with the case must sign the case completion checklist to vouch for its completion.
A certification document (good for 5 years) is provided upon meeting all of these requirements.

Clinician Re-Certification

After your 5-year certification period has elapsed, the procedures for re-certification differ based on the date of your original certification.

Clinicians Certified On or Before 12/31/2022

To seek re-certification, clinicians certified on or before 12/31/2022 must:

  1. Complete a Clinician Re-Certification Application 
  2. Pay the re-certification fee online or by mail. Once the fee is received, a link to AF-CBT Re-Certification material will be provided.
  3. Complete the AF-CBT Re-Certification material, including all quizzes and evaluations.
A re-certification document (good for 5 years) is provided upon meeting all of these requirements.

Clinicians Certified On or After 1/1/2023

Re-certification criteria coming soon.


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