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Clinician Certification

Clinician Certification Guide

This document outlines the AF-CBT Clinician Certification process step-by-step with detailed instructions.

Clinician Certification Pathway

This document is a handy visual reminder of the AF-CBT certification process.

Criteria for Clinician Certification

To fill out Certification forms, login and select Certification under the Downloads tab.

During The One-Year Training Program

  1. Complete the pre-training survey.
  2. Participate in all scheduled launch or preparation/readiness activities, including orientation videos and assigned readings.
  3. Participate in all scheduled training days (Basic Training and Advanced Training).
  4. Participate in 9 or 75% of scheduled clinical consultation calls.
  5. Submit audio files for 2 cases during consultation to obtain initial clinical and implementation feedback.
  6. Complete the post-training survey.
  7. Contact your trainer to verify completion of all training requirements.

After The One-Year Training Period is Complete

  1. Complete the clinician certification application.
  2. Follow the link provided at the end of the certification application to download the Memorandum of Understanding for Certification Application and Fidelity Review.
  3. Fill out the Memorandum of Understanding and send it by mail to AF-CBT, along with a check for the $75 application fee. Or, if you would prefer, you can instead pay online. When paying online, please include your name and "Certification Fees" in the "Invoice Number" field. Address information for payment by check is provided in the Memorandum of Understanding.
  4. Once the fee is received, a link to the AF-CBT Knowledge Questionnaire will be provided. Achieve a score of at least 80% on the AF-CBT Knowledge Questionnaire to pass. For those who score less than 80%, a second chance option will be provided a few months later.
  5. Submit 2 audio files for fidelity review and achieve >80% fidelity per tape. A fee for fidelity review must be paid before a file can be submitted or reviewed.
    NOTE: These files are in addition to the audio files submitted for feedback during consultation. With express trainer permission, the second audio file submitted for feedback during consultation may be reviewed for fidelity at no additional cost. This must be requested prior to submitting the audio in question.
  1. General Procedures:
    Integrity/fidelity judgments reflecting the quantity and quality of the content will be established by the trainer/consultant through audio review and completion of an adherence checklist.
  1. If neither tape is rated >80%, there is a “second chance” option to submit up to 2 more tapes.
  2. Audio file content requirements:
  1. The content to be rated must be based on any two roman numeral sections in the AF-CBT session guide (3rd ed.; 2011) from topics 2 through 16, EXCEPT that we will not rate section I in these topics: 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 13. It is permissible, however, to include the latter information on the tape.
  2. Topic/Name Domains
    2. Alliance Building and Engagement I and/or II
    3. Learning About Feelings and Psychoeducation II and/or III
    4. Talking about Family Experiences/Psychoeducation I & any 2 (II through IV)
    5. Emotion Regulation Any 2 (I through V)
    6. Emotion regulation (Child) Any 2 (I through V)
    7. Restructuring Thoughts II & any 1 (III through V)
    8. Restructuring Thoughts (Child) II & any 1 (III through V)
    9. Noticing Positive Behavior Any 2 (VI through IX)
    10. Assertiveness & Social Skills (Child) Any 2 (II through IV)
    11. Techniques for Managing Behavior II or III and any 1 (IV through VI)
    12. Imaginal Exposure I
    13. Preparation for Clarification II and III
    14. Verbalizing Healthy Communication I and II, or II and III
    15. Enhancing Safety Through Clarification All 3 (I, II and III)
    16. Solving Family Problems All 3 (I, II and III)
  3. The files need to be from 2 different phases of treatment.
  4. The files can both be from the same family.
  5. One file needs to be the caregiver alone; the other can be the child alone or a family session.
  6. There is not a minimum time for submitting the recording.
  7. Provide the requested descriptive details about each file using the Fidelity Review Checklist.

  7. Complete 2 AF-CBT cases and submit case completion checklist forms, submitting them by e-mail or fax to the trainer:

  1. A completed case is one which includes content from all 3 phases and the content of each topic that was implemented was fully covered.
  2. For each case, complete an AF-CBT Case Completion Checklist that includes the sections and tasks administered for each topic. For topics/content not completed, note the reason for non-completion. Raters will consider these reasons in determining whether a case will be considered complete.
  3. Each case must include at least 1 outcome standardized measure at intake and discharge.
  4. A supervisor familiar with the case must sign the case completion checklist to vouch for its completion.

A certification document (good for 5 years) is provided upon meeting all of these requirements.

About the Security of Submitted Audio

This applies only to trainings provided by Drs. Baumann and Kolko. We recommend that all trainees discuss the security of their audio upload systems with their trainers and IT staff.

Our upload website is designed by the University of Pittsburgh’s Office of Academic Computing (OAC) to encrypt all traffic. Trainees are able to connect to the website and enter account (email address) and password information. After log in, there is a control that they can select to find an audio file to upload to our server which will allow them to simply click and upload.

OAC secure servers are encrypted and under a security agreement with UPMC so that confidential, HIPAA protected documents and audio files can be uploaded securely. This UPMC server is accessible via UPMC staff permissions. OAC documents all file names that are uploaded and sends alerts to AF-CBT staff via email when a file has been uploaded. All email alerts include the account (email address) doing the transfer as well as the name of the file that was transferred. OAC also sends the trainee an email to the account (email address) to confirm that the file was successfully transferred.

The secure website is a “one way transfer” site only, with no reverse downloading capability.


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