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27th APSAC Colloquium

Lucy Beliner and David Kolko will present a workshop on Evidence Based Practices at the 27th APSAC Colloquium on Tuesday, September 22nd from 10:15 to 11:45AM.

What is the Field’s (and Your) Vision for the Scope and Delivery of Evidence Based Practices?

Lucy Berliner, Harborview Medical Center, University of Washington,
David Kolko, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital

Most programs have experience learning and using more than one EBP. Some programs offer more than five, many of which are delivered by the same providers. How well does this treatment landscape position the field to respond to the needs of diverse patient populations? This workshop will discuss key questions that providers in the maltreatment field face about next steps for the integration and adaptation of common EBPs. After soliciting responses to key questions, we will provide some additional feedback based both empirical studies and recent applications. This discussion will include a summary of key considerations and some guidelines for clinical decision-making. For example, once you have experience using a few EBTs, is it more feasible to switch to a common elements approach, use the EBPs that are relevant, or pull strategies across EBPs. And, what are the common comorbidities that complicate your work – and then how do you handle them? To what extent do you use measurement-based care to facilitate achievement of treatment goals? Which measures do you use routinely? And to what extent does your agency/program deliver any type of integrated care service and how well is it working? We will discuss these issues and our recommendations.

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