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Overview Meeting Conducted in Westmoreland County, PA

Meeting with referring agencies, such as child protective services and juvenile probation is an important aspect of sustaining AF-CBT in communities. Recently, Dr. Barbara Baumann, met with professionals from the Westmoreland County Children’s Bureau and probation office to provide an overview of AF-CBT services generally and in their area specifically.

Delivering effective clinical services to families involved in conflict, verbal aggression/emotional abuse, or physical aggression/abuse is a personal, professional, and clinical challenge. The AF-CBT overview highlighted AF-CBT as a trauma-informed, evidence-based practice in which clinicians work with caregivers and children in individual and family sessions. This was an initial opening for participants to learn about this model, ask questions, and network with others in their area who are providing services to families who are often involved in conflict, aggression, or abuse within the child welfare, mental health, or juvenile justice systems.

Contact us if you’d like for agencies in your community to learn more about AF-CBT.

Calendar of Events

DEC 6-8, 2017

DHS AF-CBT Training, Pittsburgh, PA.



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