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AF-CBT Pittsburgh Spring Training 2019

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What is AF-CBT?

AF-CBT is an evidence based, family-centered treatment designed to address family conflict, coercion and hostility/aggression, child behavior problems, and child physical abuse. AF-CBT teaches individual and family skills to strengthen relationships and safety routines using coordinated and structured training methods. This model seeks to help family members improve their communication and problem solving skills, help parents to effectively support and discipline their children, and help children manage difficult emotions and respond more competently to interpersonal challenges.

AF-CBT Components

To reach a family’s individualized goals, treatment providers deliver content in 3 phases: 1) Engagement and Psychoeducation, 2) Individual Skill-Building, and 3) Family Applications. Within each of these phases, providers teach skills on 12 specific topics designed for the caregiver, child, or both together, as follows:
Alliance Building
 Learning About Feelings and Family
  Talking About Parenting
   Emotions and Relaxation
    Reviewing Thoughts
     Noticing Positive Behavior
      Assertiveness and Social Skills
       Techniques for Managing Behavior
        Imaginal Exposure
         Verbalizing Healthy Communication
          Enhancing Safety
           Solving Family Problems

Training Description

The basic training session is conducted over 2.5 days of intensive instruction and roleplay. To enhance skill acquisition and use, monthly consultation is on clinical implementation is provided by the AF-CBT trainer. During the consultation period, our trainer will provide detailed feedback on submitted session audio and will also be available for Q&A by e-mail. A half-day advanced training session is held approximately 6 months after the initial training session. You will also get access to the trainee section of the AF-CBT website, where you can take advantage of useful features such as assessment scoring applications, extra handouts, and other helpful tools.

Training Details


$1,600 for: 2.5 day basic training, 0.5 day advanced training, 12 consultation calls, and review of up to 2 submitted session audio recordings. Sign up before April 1, 2019 for a special Early Bird discount of $200!


University Club
123 University Place
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Learning Objectives

With AF-CBT training, participants will be able to:

  • identify families appropriate for AF-CBT
  • administer, score, and interpret standardized measures appropriate for AF-CBT and provide feedback to families based on the results
  • use functional behavioral analysis and integrate these findings in AF-CBT treatment planning and delivery
  • educate caregivers and youth to overcome barriers to treatment participation
  • incorporate into treatment the history, culture, needs, and developmental capacities of the child or caregiver being served

About the Trainer

Training will be presented by Barbara Baumann, PhD. Dr. Baumann is a University of Pittsburgh faculty member and experienced AF-CBT trainer, with over 25 completed trainings.

About Consultation

Consultation is provided to support providers using AF-CBT in their own practice. Clinicians are expected to carry a minimum of 2 AF-CBT cases, use assessments, present on calls, and receive feedback and direction through telephone or video conferencing. Calls are generally 1 hour long and occur monthly for 12 months. Attendance of at least 9 consultation calls and provision of 2 session audio recordings for trainer review is required for AF-CBT training completion.

Training Preparation

To prepare for AF-CBT training, participants must:

Training Logistics


We highly recommend that participants park in the Soldiers and Sailors Garage, which can be accessed via Bigelow Blvd. Parking for 6-8 hours at Soldiers and Sailors Garage costs $10.00.

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For more information about this training, contact Dr. Baumann by phone at (412) 246-5887 or by e-mail.

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